Live Cam

The internet makes almost anything possible - and therefore also a direct view to Mallorca. This is - if it's so wonderful dark and wet at home - to get a look at what could be. Unless it also just rains at Mallorca...

Here a view directly to the harbour of Portocolom - live and in real time...

At LiveCam-Pro you will find even more LiveCams - from Can Pastilla to Cala Ratjada. I hope that we will also get one from the Cala Murada (as soon as possible) - with view of the bay would be great ...


You know what NASA means! But have you ever been on the websites of NASA?!? In a quiet moment, you should do it - because NASA has issued really dreamlike images, which were taken by satellites or the ISS at a altitude of about 400 km. The pictures shown here are taken from there:

On the pages of the NASA you can also search for specific images from regions.

But NASA offers something more that you should look again - and if you are lucky, you will see Mallorca - or your place of residence - live from around 400 km altitude: follow this link NASA HDEV.

You can find the trajectory and the current position of the ISS here.

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